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  2. I understand this video is simplified for general audiences but it's frustrating as someone with a background in psychology and neuroscience. It's not that there are two brains, your brain is one organ with two halves that communicate to create your experience of consciousness. What then happens in split-brain patients is that because the left and right hemispheres can't communicate, they experience two slightly different versions of their reality. Again, super simplified but it's an important distinction. Because the idea of the right hemisphere as a separate entity from the left is purely science fiction.
    Also the left hemisphere can process faces just fine, the ffa is a bilateral structure.

  3. I wonder if psychedelics somehow cause the two halves to be able to communicate or share something in a way they normally aren't and that's where the feeling of completeness that people often feel or even discovery of parts of themselves they didn't know existed. Or maybe you lose track of who "you" are and can instead feel what the other half you normally can't feel feels. Perhaps this is why addiction can often be cured because it stems from this conflict and once the two halves can reconcile the addiction isn't necessary anymore.

  4. I’m really wondering about how this works in ND people, e.g. people with ASD where the two hemispheres are way less specialised (in autistic people, usually, both hemispheres are engaged in speech nearly the exact same amount, with the left one being only slightly more active in most cases, while in neurotypical people the left hemisphere completely dominates the right one in speech and other verbal functions)

  5. I don't think that this means that there are 2 consciousnesses in all our heads. After all, as far as I understand, the connection between the the halves of our brains is the same in nature as the connection between the individual neurons in our heads. Also, if they are two separate entities, why can they interact so seamlessly? I think that in reality there just aren't clear cut-off of where one consciousnesses starts and the other begins and that there has to be is merely something a humans understanding on the world imposes. After all, we are just a system. A system that feels, experiences and has value, yes, but still just a system. And if two parts of that system are isolated, that doesn't mean that there are, or ever were, two parts of us, it means that now there are two halves who are isolated. But each were used to the existence of the other and compensate for that.

    If we think this through to the end, I think that it is very possible to merge two humans brains into one two actually become one person that could, with time, develop its own sense of self. Also, personally I think that we will eventually merge ourselves with AI systems and incorporate their strengths into our way of thinking.

    But then again, we still don't know where consciousness comes from, so yeah, this is all speculation. I just think that with how seamlessly the two halves interact and with how they are connected the same way all our other braincells are, its not plausible to think of the two as separate entities. I mean, if they were and one half of the brain truly does just accept to become a slave of the other, statistically there would have to be at least SOME cases where one half decides to rebel or some other anomaly that points toward that. No, i am very certain that they are just two halves of the same coin.

  6. Небольшая история
    Недавно впервые за несколько лет я посмотрела ужастик. Это было напряжённо, но не подарило мне кошмаров, и у меня появилась надежда типа "Вау, может теперь какие то абстрактные идеи и истории не будут доводить меня до истерического ужаса".
    А потом я смотрю видео своего любимого познавательного канала, с интересными, но похожими на уже происходившими в моей голове размышлениями.
    И там есть продолжение!
    И пятиминутный ролик крушит мою надежду, пока от неё не остаётся ничего, кроме пыли неопределённости

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