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Hi all welcome back to another video Dereck Reacts back at it again! This time around we take a look at another PATREON request with Rozalla and her song : «Are You Ready TO Fly?» 90’s club Hi-NRG style vibes, with soothing elements. This is a MUST if you are a 90’s euro-dance fanatic. I’m all about this one, and its beats. See my reaction now!

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#rozalla #areyoureadytofly #eurodance #90s #dancemusic

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7 comentarios en «First Time Reaction Rozalla Are You Ready To Fly? (AMAZING!) | Dereck Reacts»
  1. Hi Dereck! Thanks for your react on Rozalla. This song “Are You Ready To Fly”? was released on February 10, 1992 as the third single from her second album "Everybody'S Free" and ranked no.11 on the TOP 50 in France.
    This title also had huge success in most of Europe as the UK ranked no.14 in the UK Singles Chart and no.17 in UK Dance (Music Week).
    It also reached the TOP 5 in Belgium (no.5), Denmark (no.5) and Spain (no.4).
    In the United States, this dance song topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart and the US Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales.
    It also ranked no.63 on the US Hot 100 Airplay (Billboard).
    The song won an award in the "Best Single of the Year" category at the 1993 Hi-NRG Music Awards in New York.

    There are even 7-8 REMIXES of this song if we also count the "edit" versions of these as well as the "acapella".

    Her other huge hit released in 1991: Everybody'S Free (To Feel Good).

    Thanks for your great job our American dude. 👍🇫🇷

  2. Great memories of my 15th birthday with this song when I was in middle school (8th Grade).

    It was released before the spring and I loved this song so much that I even bought the single cassette (or 2-track K7) I remember, a very fashionable new medium at the beginning of the 90's in France which was beginning to replace the famous 45 RPM which disappeared in 1993.

    As with any "dance" song, there are a lot of REMIXES for this one, at least 7-8 (including "acapella") as well as "edit" versions of remixes.

    I remember very well, especially the music video with its landscapes (aerial views) and the singer's outfit which reminds me a little of that of SNAP.

    I had known Rozalla a year earlier with her hit "Everybody'S Free (To Feel Good)" which was a huge hit all over Europe in nightclubs and which was played repeatedly on the radio (especially in the Saturday club charts). evening on NRJ the radio for teenagers since the 80's) which I had recorded on a cassette and also the clip which was memorable with its images of nightclub lights with the crowd, very typical of the 90's.

    You should do it and listen to it, I'm sure you'll love it too, it's crazy, I'm sure the "bananas" 🍌🍌🍌🍌 will come out! lol 😁😆😅🤣

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